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Parks & Recreation

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Coplay Borough Coplay Pavilion
The 2022 Pavilion Rental Season will open Jan 1st for reservations.  Rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. If interested, please contact the office, 610-262-6088, for more details.

The pavilion, located in the Coplay Parkway at 2nd & Keefer Street. It is available to rent from April through early-October (weather permitting). The pavilion can hold up to 200 people.  Rest rooms are located on the outside of the pool bathhouse and over 30 picnic tables are in the pavilion. There is no kitchen facility in the pavilion but plenty of electrical outlets are located throughout.

Rates are listed below for Residents and Non-Residents, please note there is a $50 key deposit due when the keys are picked up. This fee is separate from your rental rate and is returned when the keys are returned and the Pavilion has been inspected.

Residency - - - - - Rental Rate

  • Coplay Residents - $125
  • Non-Residents - - -$175


Coplay Pool will be OPEN for the 2022 Season
In 2022 Coplay pool will be open in June from Noon till 7pm. July Noon to 8pm and August Noon to 7pm

Resident Passes

  • Family Pass - -$105.00 2 Adult, 2 Children - additional is $10.00 each.
  • Adult Pass - - $55.00
  • Student Pass- -$40.00
  • Daily Pass - - $5.00


  • Family Pass $250.00 2 Adult 2 Children - additional is $20.00
  • Adult Pass $130.00
  • Student Pass $120.00
  • Daily Pass $15.00
    Seniors 62 and Up and Children under 5 are free. Seniors must bring identification.

Any other questions concerning the pool please call 610-262-1778

Coplay has 2 playgrounds available for children's use. A Tot Lot, geared for children up to 8 years old, is located directly behind the municipal building at 5th Street & Keystone Alley.

There is a grassy area directly beside the Tot Lot which features trees, park benches and a gazebo. The gazebo has been the site of a few outdoor weddings. This area is adjacent to the Coplay Public Library.

A playground for children of all ages is located in the parkway, near the swimming pool. This playground was updated in 2001.

Baseball Fields
Coplay is home to 3 baseball fields. Sam Balliet Stadium, located at North 8th Street & Potter Alley, is the home of American Legion baseball. This stadium is also used by many high schools and colleges as the site for their playoff games.

Coplay Sports, the local youth organization, has a lighted field adjacent to Balliet Stadium and an lighted field directly below at 6th Street & Potter Alley.

An adult softball field, Saylor Field, is located next to the Giant Food Store at Second & Keefer Streets. All 3 fields are in constant use from May through September.

Aerobics classes are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, start time is 7 PM, and Saturday Mornings beginning at 8:45 AM. No Registration fee; cost is $1 per class with no minimum attendence required. Please be workout ready, if you wish a floor mat may be used. Class is held in the Auditorium located in the Municipal Building and run for about an hour. Should you have any questions, feel free to attend a class and speak with one of the instructors.

Pavilion & Parks

Park Policies
No person in attendance at a park shall:

  1. Injure, deface, remove, cut or damage any of the trees, plants, shrubs, turf, buildings, structures, signs or fixtures, or any other property of the Borough located within the park.
  2. Litter any area of the park with garbage, paper, bottles, cans or other waste material; nor dispose of the same in any way except in receptacles designated for such purpose.
  3. Kindle or maintain any fire in the park except in fireplaces or areas specifically designated for that purpose and located by authority of the Borough Council.
  4. Remove any bench, seat, table or other appliance without permission of the Borough Council
  5. Injure, deface, destroy or remove any notice, rule or regulation posted at any place within the park by authority of the Borough Council; nor shall any notice or placard be posted within the park other than by authority of said Borough Council.
  6. Set up any booth, table or stand for the sale of any article or service whatsoever within the limits of the park without permission of the Borough Council; nor distribute, sell, service or rent any services or commodity or solicit for any purpose without permission of the Borough Council.
  7. Operate, stop or park any vehicle except in areas where permitted or designated by proper authority of the Borough Council, or operate the same in a reckless or negligent manner or in such a manner as to become a nuisance to other area park users.
  8. Operate commercial vehicles, unless providing authorized services.
  9. Bring onto the premises, possess or consume any alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs of any kind; no person shall enter the park in an intoxicated state or otherwise be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. However, beer and alcohol, except in kegs, cans or plastic bottles (NO GLASS CONTAINERS), is permitted and is restricted ONLY to the pavilion area or other areas as permitted by Borough Council.
  10. Carry or discharge any firearms, slingshots, firecrackers, fireworks or other missile propelling instruments or explosives or arrows, or other dangerous weapons which have such properties as to cause annoyance or injury to any person or property, unless permission has been granted by the Borough Council in designated areas; police officers in the performance of their duties will be exempt from these provisions.
  11. Disrobe or change clothing except in buildings or facilities made available for that purpose.
  12. Disturb the peace by any conduct so as to annoy any other person using the park for recreational purposes.
  13. Use threatening, abusive, insulting, profane or obscene language or words.
  14. Commit any disorderly or immoral acts.
  15. Hold any public meeting or rally with more than five (5) persons or engage in any marching or driving as members of a military, political or other organization without permission of Borough Council, which requires a statement of information, including the name of the organization, its purpose, number of persons expected to be invited, expected duration and name(s) of person(s) in charge.
  16. Disobey a proper order of a police officer or disobey or disregard or fail to comply with any rule or regulation, warning, prohibition, instruction or direction given by an authorized person and posted or displayed by sign, notice, bulletin, card, poster, or when notified or informed as to its existence by the Borough Council or an authorized person.
  17. Hunt for, capture or kill, or attempt to capture or kill, or aid or assist in the capturing or killing of, in any manner, any wild bird or wild animal of any description, either game or otherwise, and to that end, it is unlawful for any person to carry onto or possess in any park, a shotgun or rifle or pistol or firearm of any make or kind unless specific permission is granted for a designated area by authority of the Borough Council.
  18. Use of the Tot Lot area and equipment is restricted to children age ten (10) or younger.

Pool Policies
The following policies for patrons and users of the Coplay Municipal Swimming Pool shall take effect immediately:

  1. No refunds or rain checks will be issued if the pool closes before the scheduled time or if a patron is asked to leave the facility.
  2. Absolutely no diving in the pool unless in the 10ft end.
  3. No running or pushing on the deck.
  4. Appropriate bathing attire required in all areas of the pool.
  5. No regular diapers are permitted in the pool. Appropriate protection, such as “Little Swimmers,” must be worn. The pool must be emptied after “accidents” to clean and ensure sanitary swimming conditions as determined by the pool manager, often three hours or longer. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave.
  6. Appropriate behavior is required in all areas of the pool.
  7. Sponge or air-filled beach balls are allowed in designated areas and only if their use is not disruptive to other bathers’ enjoyment of the pool.
  8. All children under ten (10) years of age must be accompanied by an adult or properly supervised at all times when in or around the pool.
  9. No hanging on the divider rope.
  10. No profanity.
  11. No spitting.
  12. If the air temperature is 69° F or lower at 5:00PM, or if at 6:00PM the lack of attendance warrants, the pool may be closed at the manager’s discretion.
  13. No alcoholic beverages are allowed inside the pool perimeter fence.
  14. No glass is allowed inside the pool perimeter fence.
  15. No eating, drinking or smoking in the pool or on the deck.
  16. All food should be eaten in the snack area or grassy areas.
  17. Exit the water immediately after using the slides in both the shallow and deep end, no waiting for others.

Borough of Coplay
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