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Coplay Borough
Coplay Borough
Coplay Borough
Coplay Borough
Coplay Borough
Coplay Borough
Coplay Borough
Coplay Borough
Coplay Borough
Coplay Borough
Macungie News
New 25 Gallon Recycle bins with lids are in If you are in need, Starting March 1st they will be $15.00, please stop by the Borough office during Business hours M-F 8:00-3:30PM

TRASH/RECYCLING/YARDWASTE/METAL Metal is always 3rd Thursday of the Month
**No shredded paper in recycling
GARBAGE CANS in excess of 35 gallons will NOT be collected. You must call borough office at 610-262-6088 to schedule pick up of larger items (sofas, mattresses, etc.) on regularly scheduled garbage days, limit of two per year at no charge Please have your cans out before 7AM for both garbage and recycling and they must be placed on the edge of the property or curb, we can not go on your property.
We cannot return to your residence a second time. Also, please try to put lids or weights on cans if possible (especially when it’s windy!) to try and keep OUR town clean.

A per Borough code, all garbage bags must be placed in cans, especially with the upcoming winter. Flying animals and rodents will get in your garbage and tear it apart and spread it around.Lets keep our Little Borough Clean.

Agendas for Workshop, Regular & Park & Recreation Meetings will be posted under forms and documents no lesss than 24 hours before scheduled meeting.


Acceptable: Sticks, Brush, Tree Clippings, Flowers/Weeds. (No Sod, No Dirt filled Root Balls).
No leaves!! & No grass!! Leaf pick up starts in October.
Grass can be dropped off at 1 Bridge Street (open 24/7).
Brush, Branches, Bushes will be picked up From May-October
Leaves will be picked up from October 7th -December 16th.
Christmas Trees are always picked up first three Fridays in January.
Grass Bin will still be available for drop off at Bridge Street
Leaves can NOT be comingled with Grass.

GRASS WILL NO LONGER BE PICKED UP IN THE BOROUGH, we are offering a drop off location at 1 Bridge Street, the Building is located down the hill behind Egypt Star in Coplay.
LOOSE grass only, NO bags and it will be a SELF DUMP, offering this to OUR Borough residents Only.
NO Commercial drop off. We would prefer you to mulch your grass but this is an alternative to the restrictions put in place by First Regional and to be able to offer this service.

Coplay Library is accepting applications and recomendation letters for open board positions.

Escape the great indoors – Join Cub Scouts K-5th grade
Pack 32 Whitehall/Coplay

It became illegal in 2013 under the PA Act 108 of 2010, for any individual to dispose of electronic waste in any other
way except to recycle it. You may take your electronics to the following location.
DRC Technologies, 2005 Main Street, Northampton, PA 18067
- Call 610-502-0854 for acceptable materials list and fees - Appointment Only!

Welcome To Coplay Borough

The Borough of Coplay is situated along the Lehigh River, about 5 miles north of Allentown. It is part of the 400 acres of land John Jacob Schreiber bought from the William Penn heirs in 1740. For a long time it was known as Schreibers. Later it was known as the Lehigh Valley, because of the Lehigh Valley Iron Furnaces that were located here. Lehigh Valley was then changed to Coplay. This name came from "Kolapechka". The son of the Indian chief, Paxanosa, who lived at the head of the creek near Schnecksville. The Borough of Coplay was formed out of a part of Whitehall Township in 1869 and was incorporated as a borough on April 7th, 1869.

Gradually Coplay changed from a farming area into an Industrial Community. The Thomas Iron Company started the change. They brought in workers and built homes for them. When the Iron Company was liquidated, other industries gradually came to Coplay; the Cement Mill, the Silk Mill, the Cigar Factory and Knitting Mill.

Coplay became a "melting pot" of many nationalities. The Pennsylvania Dutch and Germans, who were the agricultural element. Due to growth of the Iron Industry, immigrants from Ireland came. Then, in the early nineteen hundreds, the Cement Mills attracted immigrants from Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland and the Ukrainian Countries. It was thus that our town had its early beginnings.

Borough of Coplay
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