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98 South 4th Street / Coplay, Pa 18037 / 610-262-6088

Coplay Police Department
98 S. Fourth St.
Coplay, PA 18037

Police Administration
Office: 610 262-2288 (Non Emergency 7-3:30PM)
Fax: 610 262- 6004

Lehigh County 911 Center
Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-Emergency: 610 437-5252
Department Email:

Chief of Police
Chief Ryan Emerich

Ofc. William Globosits

Ofc. Nathan Smith

Ofc. Amanda Segarra

Ofc. Juan Araujo

Ofc. Christine Trauger

Department Secretary
Kelly Humanick

For Employment info, see forms and documents.

Police FAQs

How do I get a copy of an accident report?
Accident reports are available at the Police Department from 7:00AM. to 3:30PM, Monday through Friday. Please call us at 610-262-2288 prior to coming to get the report to verify that the report has been completed and is available. There is a fee for copies of the report.

Does your Department do fingerprinting for job applications, concealed weapons permits, I.N.S., etc.?
Yes, If you have the proper fingerprint card, we do not supply them or you can also contact the Pennsylvania State Police Bethlehem.

I received a traffic ticket, where do I pay?
You should pay the ticket either by mail or in person to Coplay Police Department. You can pay by check, cash or money order made out to Borough of Coplay Police Department. If you recieved a traffic citation, that needs to be paid at the Magistrate Office in Whitehall.

Why aren't officers catching "real" criminals, instead of writing tickets?
It is the policy of the Department to enforce all of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Borough of Coplay, and by doing such; the Department is committed to effective traffic enforcement to reduce accidents, apprehend drunk drivers and to ensure a high degree of safety on the highway.

Why do officers shine so many lights when they stop a vehicle?
Officers are trained to utilize lighting techniques to illuminate a vehicle for the safety of themselves and the occupants of the vehicle. The shining of the lights is not meant to be something that is annoying or a form of harassment.

Why can't officers resolve or intervene in a civil matter?
Officers generally do not actively become involved in civil disputes as they are not empowered by state statute to do so. These incidents are best dealt with by contacting an attorney or the courthouse. However, do not hesitate to call for an officer in any situation, as he/she will recommend some options available to you.

Why do dispatchers ask so many questions when I call the Police?
Receiving dispatchers are trained to get as much information as possible to best determine the nature of the problem and its seriousness. On emergency calls, the dispatcher has already sent the information and an officer is coming to your location while you are being asked additional questions.

Can I have an officer check on a license plate?
No, since State and Federal regulations prohibit officers from using the computer to retrieve information not related to investigative purposes, and the information can only be shared with law enforcement entities.

If I have a complaint against an officer, what should I do?
The Department is committed to maintaining a professional force and, in this regard, if anyone has a complaint concerning an officer's actions, he/she is encouraged to speak with a Department representative about the incident. No one should feel that any sort of retaliation will come as a result of complaint. The department will diligently investigate the complaint.

I received a telephone call soliciting funds for a police group, should I donate?
The Department does not solicit via the telephone. Any calls by another entity should be thoroughly analyzed and double checked before donating.

If someone solicits you for a donation, we recommend that you ask for their name, telephone number, and address. If the organization is legitimate, they will give you this information and then you can decide whether you want to make a donation. It is also a good idea to ask for a financial statement or budget before making a decision about whether to donate to an organization. Never give out your credit card numbers or bank account numbers over the telephone unless you are the one who has initiated the telephone call.

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