The 49th annual Coplay ECUMENICAL Thanksgiving Service will be held Sunday, NOVEMBER 22 at 7 PM at Trinity UCC, South 3rd Street.  Participating in the service are the Congregations of Trinity UCC, St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church and St. John’s Lutheran Church.  A free offering will be taken. Flowers for the service are provided by the Coplay Garden Club and a combined choir, from all three churches, will be singing during the services. As always, ALL are welcome to attend this community event.




     Coplay Community Days had all the necessary ingredients for a successful weekend festival.  The annual blessing of the festival was provided by Pastor Timothy Boyer; perfect weather, great food and entertainment.  This year’s festival attracted the largest crowds in 35 years.

     Community days will sponsor a park bench at the future community plaza site in memory of long time board member Stanley Reinhard and will also fund the plaza gazebo. 

     While limited for space, I do need to thank the greatest group of volunteers; the bartenders, ticket sellers, we need to also thank Terry Kuchera for clean up, Jane & Scott Gillespie, Borough Secretary Sandy Gyecsek, John Urban, Coplay Public Works Crew, Paul Boyle, Coplay Council & Police Department, our many generous sponsors Service Electric, Miller Ace Supply, Bill Loy & Samuel Owens Restaurant & Bar, Coplay American Club (more sponsors in the December issue).  A huge Thank You, to the people of Coplay and our surrounding neighbors for making Coplay Community Days the best end of summer festival in the valley.  The Aardvarks will once again kick off the festival Friday night August 26th, 2016…Stay safe, without you the festival will not be the same…..



     Permits are required for various projects you may be doing on your property.  Due to the June 30th storm many residents are having repairs and replacement of siding and roofing done.  This work requires a building permit.  Dumpsters that will be placed in the street also need a permit.  Your contractor should be taking care of filing for the permit.  Permit applications are available at the borough office or on our website.  Normal processing time is 3 - 5 days, however, with the amount of permits received, we are stating a 7-10 day turnaround.  Please see the Permits page on the website www.coplayborough.org for more information.  Any questions, call the borough office 610-262-6088 or Ron Helman, the Building Code Inspector 484-239-6331.


     The Whitehall/Coplay Press reported in the October 22nd edition that the proposal to review the purchase of the former General Supply site had been extended by 90 days.  At the October 13th meeting, council and representation from General Supply agreed to a 45 day extension, not 90 days as printed.


     Sponsored by Coplay Recreation & Welfare Association, will be held Thursday, December 3 at 6:30 PM; once the tree has been lit, Santa will move everyone inside for a musical performance by the Whitehall High School Chorale.  Hot chocolate and donuts are served after the program and all childern receive a small gift bag. Come join us!


     In 2019, Coplay will celebrate its 150th Anniversary of the Borough’s Incorporation.  Although it seems far off, celebration planning needs to begin.  We would like to hold several festivities throughout the year and are putting together a committee to oversee this task.  If interested, contact the Borough Office 610-262-6088.



Contact Mayor Joseph Bundra, 610-262-3288 or Council Member Bill Leiner Jr, billleiner@aol.com with any questions or if you want to be a part of the restoration of the Saylor Kilns.





       Pennsylvania law mandates that electronic items be kept out of landfills.  We partnered with FreeCycle, a division of GERSolutions, to bring you the most cost effective well-rounded electronics recycling program available in our area.  They accept a wide variety of items, most of which can be recycled for a small fee. 

     However, the cost to recycle TV's and Computer Monitors are as follows:

          CRT Televisions

            Up to 18" ----- $ 20.00

            19"-27" ----- $ 30.00

            28" and up-----$ 40.00

         Wooden Console CRT-----$ 50.00

         CRT Computer Monitor-----$ 10.00

         Projection Television-----$ 80.00

         LCD & Plasma Television-----$ 20.00 (any size)

         LCD Computer Monitor-----$  3.00        

     Additionally, FreeCycle will accept items containing Freon, at a cost of $20.00 each:

         Dorm Size Refrigerator    

         Air Conditioners                



     Please note, it is vitally important that ALL electronics items be complete.  Taking items apart INCREASES fees incurred for recycling and can be dangerous to you and the environment.  Fees for the items above apply whether you utilize our curbside collection or drop off at their facility.  Curbside collection is offered the third Wednesday of each month, for which we charge a nominal fee, $1 for most items, exclusions apply, see above; please call the office to arrange.  You can also take these items to FREECYCLE, 795 Roble Road, Allentown, PA, smaller items are still FREE of charge; for drop off schedule please visit www.gersolutions.net or call 484-866-0927.



 Mayor  Joseph Bundra


The month of November ushers in colder air and the start of the Holiday season.  Veteran's Day is November 11.  Let us once again be thankful to all of those who have served in the armed forces.  With Thanksgiving upon us, let us also reflect and be thankful for all the blessings we have received throughout this past year and in turn remember those in need.  Any resident wishing to share suggestions or concerns may reach me at 484-2391611 or mayor@coplayborough.org.




The next Workshop meeting will be held Tuesday, NOVEMBER 3 at 7 PM; Council Meeting Tuesday, NOVEMBER 10 at 7PM.




The Coplay Planning Commission is moving forward with plans to add a Gazebo and several benches to the plaza area.  Consider attending their next meeting on Tuesday, NOVEMBER 24 at 7 pm in council chambers if this project interests you.


     This past year the non-profit organization, Balliet Stadium Inc. was established. The mission of Balliet Stadium, Inc. is to maintain the many traditions while embracing technology and creativity to start new customs that will delight and engage the home crowd.  The stadium lights and scoreboard were irreparable; both have been removed but need to be replaced in order to maintain and generate the traditions.  Baseball has the longest season of games, providing fans the ability to attend, participate and support countless programs.  The slower pace of play provides for down time for enthusiasts during the course of nine innings.  Across the country, each set of fans and stadiums have developed their own way to celebrate.  Some traditions have been in place for decades, others a bit newer.  The Chicago Cubs make the list not for singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch, but for a more creative ritual established by the bleacher faithful, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox make it not for singing “New York, New York” or “Sweet Caroline,” but for the way the fans participate in creating and setting the mood for community camaraderie.  Balliet Stadium is looking to create a COPLAY tradition to take pride in and be enjoyed by all in attendance.

     JOIN US!!  Volunteers are needed to help with improvements and upkeep of the stadium.  Anyone interested,  attend our next meeting on NOVEMBER 15, held at the Coplay Legion Post #426 on South 2nd Street at 2 PM.  If you are unable to attend the meeting but interested in getting involved please contact Ron Helman at rhelman@coplayborough.org or Ed Filipovits at baseballnutflip@gmail.com.  Regular meetings are held the third Sunday of every month, no meeting in December due to holidays.  Donations to Balliet Stadium, Inc. are greatly NEEDED, appreciated and are tax deductible; send to 131 North 8th Street, Coplay PA 18037.

     For 2016 we have created an Intern position and will be expanding information available on the Borough Website and a new Facebook page in the coming months.

BOROUGH OFFICE and PUBLIC WORKS - will be closed Thursday, NOVEMBER 26th & Friday, NOVEMBER 27th in observance of Thanksgiving Holiday.




COPLAY LIBRARY — Library events:

Story time every Thursday at 11 am NOVEMBER 5, 12 & 19.  Library Board meets Thursday, NOVEMBER 12 at 7 PM in council chambers.  Trivia Saturday on NOVEMBER 7 from noon to 2 pm and Scrabble Night Monday,  NOVEMBER 30 from 5 -7 PM.  Book sale NOVEMBER 13 & 14 11AM-4PM, Basket Social NOVEMBER 2 thru NOVEMBER 14; drawing will be NOVEMBER 14 at 4 PM.  The Library will be closed NOVEMBER 18 for Staff Development Day.  Library will close at 5 PM on NOVEMBER 25 and be closed NOVEMBER 26.

     Hours: Monday – Thursday 10 am – 7pm; Friday and Saturday 10am – 5pm.  We will close at 6pm on Tuesday, October 20 due to the Halloween Parade.  Contact the Library at 610-262-7351 or coplaypl@gmail.com.

 For more information visit the library website, click here 




  The week of  NOVEMBER 23  Recycling will be collected on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25 and there will be NO grass/leave collection.  Electronics collection (call to schedule pickup) Wednesday, NOVEMBER 18 and Metal collection Thursday, NOVEMBER 19   (no need to call).  GARBAGE CANS - in excess of 35 gallons will NOT be collected.  You must call borough office at 610-262-6088 to schedule pick up of larger items (sofas, mattresses, etc.) on regularly scheduled garbage days, limit of two per year at no charge.  ELECTRONICS - televisions and other electronics WILL NOT be collected with regular garbage.  Utilize our Electronics Recycling collection, most items are $1, except TVs and computer monitors, call the borough office for cost to recycle, or you can drop items off yourself, at FreeCycle, 795 Roble Road, Allentown on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 AM-5 PM and 3rd Saturday from 9 AM-11 AM.     




    received 169 calls in September, 2015.  Arrests: 2, Traffic – 22, Written Warnings – 13; Parking Tickets – 13.       



      Did you know…if you fly an American Flag at your home and are replacing it because it is worn, there is an old mailbox out front of our Post to dispose of worn flags properly.
          Contact Information: Larry 610-262-4133



Gym is located on the 2nd floor of the Coplay Municipal Building; meetings are the 3rd Sunday of the month, NOVEMBER 15 at 10:30 AM in the weight room

Contact Information: Brad      610-739-5733



     -No meetings in November or December


Contact information: Steve 610-703-8487



     this passive group of concerned Coplay residents is always vigilant concerning any unusual persons or activities in the neighborhood which is then reported to our local Police department.  Laminated window Crime Watch signs and Vial of Life kits are always available free of charge for anyone, for use in your home.  Please contact us at the number below to request a kit.

Contact information: Frank   610-262-0802

     The CDC urges you to participate in your civic duty - voting.  If you are not voting, please register to vote and get out to vote this November.  The CDC has voter registration forms.  The CDC is planning a "Meet the Candidates" meeting TBA in October.  Consider joining the CDC, one of the oldest Democratic Associations in the Lehigh Valley.  Annual dues are $2.00 per year. 

      Contact information: Bill    610-751-2745; billleiner@aol.com                       

                                           Carol 610-653-7762




Join us at our next meeting on Thursday, NOVEMBER 19 at 7 pm at St. John’s Lutheran, 3rd Street.  Program – “Floral Design Workshop” by Donna Baylor, Penn State Master Gardener.  Garden Hint: Apply protective mulches on perennial gardens after the ground has frozen and inch or two.

            Contact information:  Jane     610-261-1243




Join us at our next regularly scheduled meeting, Monday, NOVEMBER 2 and NOVEMBER 16 at 7:15 PM at the Coplay Saengerbund, S 5th St.  All are welcome as we work together to help our neighbors. 

            Contact information: Larry      610-262-4133





next meeting scheduled for Monday, NOVEMBER 9 at 7 PM, in Council Chambers.   


Contact information: Steve 610-703-8487



next meeting on Wednesday, NOVEMBER 4 at 6:30 pm in council chambers.  Tree Lighting and Holiday Program scheduled for Thursday, DECEMBER 3.  

Contact information:  Richard            610-261-0566

     Convalescent equipment, such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and canes, is available if needed for one day, an outing over the weekend, or for however long is necessary; contact Carol at the number below, requests require 48 hours notice to organize.

             Convalescent Equipment: Carol 610-262-1571



available to any borough resident, proof of residency required, open 2nd Tuesday of each month NOVEMBER 10 from 9:00 AM  – 10:30 AM in the municipal building basement.   

Contact information: Louise   610-262-9351



Thousands have been awarded since 2001 to recipients attending from LCCC to Oxford University, consider a donation to CSFC.  Send check to: CSFC – 41 N 8th St, Coplay, PA 18037.   The kids and their families thank you for your support.



     Visit our website at www.coplaysports.org or email the address below.  Next meeting - Wednesday, NOVEMBER 11 at 7:30 PM at Fieldhouse.   

    Contact information: email       coplaysports@rcn.com



Join us at our next meeting Wednesday, NOVEMBER 18 at 7 PM in Council Chambers.  Guest speaker to be announced.  

         Contact information: Bill 610-751-2745; Kevin 484-767-3094; email billleiner@aol.com or keppel1976@gmail.com

         Contact information: Bill 610-751-2745; Kevin 484-767-3094; email billleiner@aol.com or keppel1976@gmail.com



                                 POM votes are being counted to determine who our winners are . . . and will be announced at our annual dinner.  We are always looking for volunteers to join this fun committee that recognizes beautiful Coplay properties at an outstanding Awards Reception, call Bill at 610-751-2745 or Kevin 484-767-3094.

 WATCH WALKS                                  
Join us as we greet neighbors and pick up loose garbage.  Meet at Sam Owen’s Restaurant at 9 AM, Saturday, NOVEMBER 14 and NOVEMBER 28.  If the weather is bad, walks are cancelled.


If you walk your dog and want to improve our community, consider joining the “Dog Walker Watch” (DWW) program.  You will be trained in basic crime prevention techniques.  Call Bill at 610-751-2745 or Carol 610-653-7762 or email billleiner@aol.com.


If you have a house cat (or dog), work to be part of the solution of unwanted animals, get your animal spayed or neutered.  Next monthly meeting is Sunday, NOVEMBER 15 at 2 PM at Sam Owens Restaurant.  Consider joining us.

Contact information: Dennis   610-967-2471

         Bill          610-751-2745


     -Our mission is promoting youth ages 14 -20 interested in the hobby of model railroading.   Meetings are held every Thursday at 7:30 PM on the 2nd floor of the Coplay Municipal building. 

Contact information: Dick       610-965-2598



Public meeting, Tuesday, NOVEMBER 17 at 7 pm at Whitehall Township Municipal Building. Our next workday is Saturday, NOVEMBER 14 (Whitehall); meet 8 AM at N. Ruch & Chestnut St.

            Contact information: Dale       610-405-1025


        – meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1 PM at the Fire Building; always looking for members!       

            Contact information: Dale       610-262-5464



          For a full list of programs and registration information,contact the YMCA or visit their website, click here
          Contact information: YMCA 610-264-5221



Zumba classes every Monday from 6-7 pm.  Meat Raffle Sunday, NOVEMBER 1 at 1 pm and Craft Show Sunday, NOVEMBER 8 from 10am to 3pm.  Breakfasts held the 3rd Sunday of every month.


The Borough of Coplay has established a Facebook page to notify residents of upcoming borough events, alerts, public notices and emergencies happening in our town.  Like us Today!!



      As a reminder, Dogs are not allowed to run at large in the borough, they must be walked on a leash and cleaned up after.  DO NOT allow pets to use neighbor’s yards without removing same.  Ordinances are in place governing dogs and fines will be levied.  Thank you for your cooperation.




      Join the Fun! Serving girls in grades K-12 through weekly meetings and community outings. Contact Stacy Zellner at 610 443-0217 or email, click here to find a troop near you.


      Is offered Monday 7PM, Wednesday 7 PM & Saturday 8:45 AM at the Municipal Building. Cost is just $1 per class with no attendance requirements. Bring a Mat if you prefer.


      Is offering Free GED classes at Catasauqua High School, 2500 W. Bullshead Road, Northampton on Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6 – 8:30 PM beginning January 31. Call 610-435-0680 ext. 122 for more information or to register. Also see their website for additional programs and volunteer opportunities.